Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Dad's 1988 Yamaha RX-100 Completely Restored & Reloaded

This is my father's 1988 YAMAHA RX100 (JAPANESE, CKD), his first Motorcycle, a True Legend in every Sense, above all a prized possession in his collection.

This cute little Japanese beauty has been a part of my family. Eversince my father bought it, way back in 1988, when i was just like any other curious school going kid, waiting for my turn to jump on its saddle. Those were the hey-days for 2-strokers in INDIA and having one of these machines symbolized Power, Attitude and Strength.

After all these years of Continous use, this Loyal steed has seen its share of troubles, Breakdowns, neglect before i took up a daunting task of restoring it to its Original Glory.

Here it is again back on the road blazing the trails with its signature beat, that still turns many heads.

Basically the Bike's Engine is Stock, overhauled in 2011, Only once since its purchase in 1988, Piston 1st over-size;
1) Original Carburetor
2) Original Silencer

The non original Items on the bike, which i installed myself.
1) Round Meters
2) Rear view glasses
3) Rear Tailight Assembly (borrowed from Rajdoot)
4) RD-Tailight
5) Rear Mudguard relocated backwards 3-inches (not lifted)
6) Alloy wheels with Ceat Tyres 3.00x18
7) Rear Blinkers brought under the seat (as in 1970's Jap-Bikes)

*Most Unique Accessory on the Bike is the 3 peice "Engine Guard" which my Father designed way back in 1988, it can be removed peice by peice, when an Engine-Side work is undertaken